Writing Tips for Your Travelling

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Writing Tips for Your Travelling. Writing a trip is considered one of the more glamorous shows of writing. After all, what can be better than getting paid for traveling? Even though the reality is a bit more ordinary (generally low pay, tight deadlines, highly competitive markets) it is still a pleasant burden. With the advent of travel blogs, more and more writers are expanding their experience from single features to longer series. This allows you to focus on various aspects of the goal at different posts and tell a longer story arc. Here are five tips for writing an online travel series. It also works well for print features.

1. You don't have to start over.

Even though your trip has a beginning, a middle, and an end, you don't write a novel. You don't need to open your writing series with your arrival at a tourist location. Usually this is the worst part of your trip, so why give it to your readers? Instead, describe them with scenes that bring purpose to life, such as when starting a series on Star Trek cruises by Rolf Potts when everyone knew he wasn't a fan of the show. Very rarely the start of an exciting trip, even though a ten-hour trip across the desert to Somaliland is a good opening. At that time, and at that time, it began to experience excitement, color, life experiences, and a little danger. The rest of my trip has been open with me, jetlagged and angry at several foreign airports.
" Writing for Foreign Markets "

2. Remember! What is normal for you is new to your readers.

When we get used to new places, we begin to forget the little details that make a great story. The best photo I ever took in Bali was the action of my daughter playing sand on Kuta beach during a beautiful afternoon and an orange full of cool winds hit the face of my only daughter. When I saw this I smiled and thought, "Beautiful! As beautiful as Bali!" What I do is take pictures. Alignment is common to me, but I'm sure my readers will surely admire the atmosphere before the beautiful sunset in Kuta, Bali.
beautyful sunset in kuta Bali

Beautyful sunset in Kuta, Bali.

3. You don't have to be a good photographer.

I am a mediocre photographer, but I have sold hundreds of photos for printing and online publications. How? I went to interesting places and took many photos. As simple as that.

4. Mix short and long pieces of writing.

Short and loud pieces of writing accompanied by photos often make more influence than long and detailed features. For example, my favorite post from Jonathan Goldstein's series in Bali, about getting a massage from a beloved young woman, is also one of the shortest. Travel writers often feel the pressure to explain everything in long detail, but small unique aspects of other cultures can make articles more popular.

5. The story is rare about you.

There are two types of travelers - those who describe the places they have visited, and those who talk about how they went to various places. The first person is informative and interesting; others are boring bullies. Even though it is your trip, you are not the most interesting thing. But, the local and surrounding people you meet and the things you see. Don't stand out unless it's really part of the story. There are just a few stories about me in my series.
beauty of Balinese

Beauty of Balinese.

Imagine, if you have a photo of a beautiful and exotic Balinese dancer, with a beautiful curve in her dance movements, releasing a beautiful smile from her beautiful lips to you. Lucky! You had time to capture the moment and make it a short article about tourism in Bali. And your writing also contains short notes like this, right below the beautiful photo.

"Beautiful. Smiling to me. The beauty of Bali seems to enter and become part of my life. Everything feels perfect. Thank you, Lord, for bringing me here to Bali."

Simple. Short. Informative. Bringing magnificence to your readers. Such is the example of travel writing that you can make. Start now. Write your trip. And share with others. Share the happiness and fineness that you get so that other people can also feel happiness and raciness.

Writing for Foreign Markets

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Writing for Foreign Markets. Make your freelance writing career go viral. To make more money in 2019, take your marketing abroad. Introduce your work to a global audience. The internet and social media have made this task easier, but it is still your responsibility to be proactive.

Do you like hanging out on Facebook, the symbol of social media? Facebook can bring you to the international market. Through "hashtags", you can find publications with similar content to your posts. For example, if you write about high school prom, you can write about increasing the cost of prom dresses, underage sex or alcohol. By putting hashtags into keywords such as from #designerdresses to #underagedrinking, you will find parenting and lifestyle publications throughout the world.

When working with editors from abroad, keep in mind the five types of stories that are most likely to be accepted:

Profile of a celebrity.

Abroad, the American entertainment industry still generates the biggest income. If you have written profiles of American celebrities and business leaders, and you still have rights, sell them to foreign publications as a reprint. Even if you sell all rights to one article, most of the time you can still write and publish articles on similar topics.
Margot Robbie - write a profile margot robbie to foreign magazine

Write a profile of a celebrity ie: Margot Robbie to foreign magazine at can be accepted by artist magazines in India or Indonesia and several other countries in Asia.

Travel articles.

tours If you are a native of Tokyo, there are always editors from London to New York who are eager to read your views on Central Park, the Brooklyn neighborhood in Williamsburg and the Bronx Zoo. Ditto for residents of Orlando or Vail, Colorado. Even if your city is small and relatively inconspicuous, use your imagination to turn local events or destinations into beautiful words for foreign tourists or local residents.

Write about the demographics of your magazine.

This is almost impossible for writers who are not familiar with the location of the magazine. In general, magazine editors are more likely to choose local writers who write about their culture. However, if you know some Indonesian-Americans, for example, and you want to write about how Indonesian people in America influence the community in general in the United States, you can swing into an Indonesian magazine.

Write about American trends.

For most of the world, America is still a leader in finance, culture and science. Many international publications want stories about how trends in the United States affect their countries. Magazines in Hamburg, Germany, may want to find out how their local retail sector reacts to financial security violations at Target. A trade magazine from Hong Kong might want a way to encourage customers to start using credit and debit cards again after a similar scandal. If it's just a simple trend article, editors prefer local writers, so it stands out by throwing something that only Americans can do - interviews with Target CEOs or Americans whose identity was stolen recently.


Another way to solve the international market is through personal essays, especially based on experience in the country of the magazine. Essays can be funny, political, or fostering cross-cultural understanding. In this case, always read the magazine before sending the manuscript that you didn't ask for - even if the magazine only came through a snail mail. Stereotypes aren't just offensive, they waste time and spend your money.

Here are seven international publications looking for material:

  1. WestJet! Magazine www.upmagazine.com Country: Canada Contact: website for online shipping forms
  2. In Lan Chile Magazine www.in-lan.com Country: Chile Contact: Roberto Schiattino Email: rschiattino@spafax.com
  3. female www.femalemag.co.my Country: Malaysia Contact: Terry Saw Email: terrysaw@bluinc.com.my
  4. BUZZZ Caribbean Lifestyle Magazine www.buzzzmagazine.com Country: Jamaica Contact: Fabian Barracks Email: buzzzeditor@gmail.com
  5. High Life British Airways www.highlife.ba.com Country: United Kingdom Contact: Kerry Smith Email: kerry.smith@cedarcom.co.uk
  6. Write a Magazine www.writers-online.co.uk Country: United Kingdom Contact: Jonathan Telfer Email: jtelfer@writersnews.co.uk
  7. GQ Australia www.gq.com.au Country: Australia Contact: Jake Millar Email: jake.millar@news.com.au

How about you? Have you got an idea of what I am saying here? Hope so. And soon, you start writing. Read our latest post about Writing is Free! When did You Start Writing.

Writing is Free! When did you start writing?

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Writing is Free! When did you start writing? Anyone who has known me for a long time, remember that I'm all about writing for money.

Writing Mills = A site known as Content Aggregator. They pay a penny. You produce based on article quantity, not quality. They always advertise for new authors (mainly because of changes after the authors study the agreement).

Indeed, they are interesting. You don't really answer the editor. You are rarely rejected. But the clip has no meaning in your portfolio. Why? Because people in this industry recognize what grinding work they are for. Words are thrown together to take searches in the hope that people who do searches click on ads.

However, blogs have changed everything.
  • You write for free on your own blog.
  • You write for free when you become a guest blog.
  • You write for free on the main website blog.
Yes, there are some blogs that pay, but most don't. Blogs can be an opportunity, even though they don't pay much if at all. Just remember the rules.

Write for free if you enter a famous blog.

One freelance copywriter who lives well from writing is Carol Tice. Look at what he publishes, and note that many of them are blog posts. Caroltice.com/articles When the market is competitive, offer sharp blog posts for free, to get your feet at the door. Maybe even two, three, even ten posts. Get them used to you, then ask for compensation, or maybe even a regular show.
start writing for free to make money today

Start writing for free to make money today

Write for free if you enter a magazine.

Today many magazines have blogs. Promote blog editors. You can still say in your resume that you write for Family Circle (or fill in the name of the mag). And once they learn to love your posts, you can swing to print.
Track Your Time in Completing A Writing

Write for free if you sell something else.

Blog tours or virtual tours for books can generate income through the sale of books. Make sure the post is good and stand alone even if you don't have a book. Or write about a subject in a book, but don't sell books with difficulty. Simply show that you are good at doing what you do.

See the opportunities that I describe here? I am sure that we all always have time to write something like that. And it's free. Be smart.